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Place your order by 4 PM CST today for same-day shipment as a loose stone. All orders received after 4PM CST will ship the next business day.

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1.02 Carat H VS2+ Emerald  Diamond 360-icon
Emerald  1.02ct  H  VS2+  GIA

ADE 8247

0.92 Carat D VS2 Oval  Diamond 360-icon
Oval  0.92ct  D  VS2  GIA

ADO 2248D

1.28 Carat H VS2 Princess  Diamond 360-icon
Princess  1.28ct  H  VS2  EGL USA

ADPR 5259

1.50 Carat H+ VS2 Princess  Diamond 360-icon
Princess  1.5ct  H+  VS2  GIA

ADPR 7554

1.68 Carat F VS2 Radiant  Diamond 360-icon
Radiant  1.68ct  F  VS2  GIA

ADRAD 6356

1.70 Carat G VS2+ Emerald  Diamond 360-icon
Emerald  1.7ct  G  VS2+  GIA

ADE 7901

2.08 Carat I+ VS2+ Pear  Diamond 360-icon
Pear  2.08ct  I+  VS2+  GIA

ADP 2847

0.51 Carat Fancy Light+ Yellow VS2+ Cushion  Diamond
Cushion  0.51ct    VS2+  GIA
Fancy light+ Yellow


0.70 Carat Fancy Yellow VS2 Cushion  Diamond
Cushion  0.70ct    VS2  GIA
Fancy Yellow




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