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Place your order by 4 PM CST today for same-day shipment as a loose stone. All orders received after 4PM CST will ship the next business day.

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0.03 Carat Marquise Opal  360-icon
Marquise  Opal  0.03ct  

AOM 226C

0.04 Carat Marquise Opal  360-icon
Marquise  Opal  0.04ct  

AOM 226A

0.04 Carat Pear Opal  360-icon
Pear  Opal  0.04ct  

AOP 127D

0.05 Carat Marquise Opal
Marquise  Opal  0.05ct  

AOM 226B

0.06 Carat Marquise Opal
Marquise  Opal  0.06ct  

AOM 226D

0.04 Carat Pear Opal
Pear  Opal  0.04ct  

AOP 127A

0.03 Carat Round Opal
Round  Opal  0.03ct  

AOR 598A

0.03 Carat Round Opal
Round  Opal  0.03ct  

AOR 598B

0.01 Carat Round Opal
Round  Opal  0.01ct  

AOR 742

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